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Our range of frozen fish and seafood is wide and endless. If we do not have the product on stock ourselves, we will make sure to find the best suitable solution for our customer.


Deli Seafood has the certification ASC and MSC, based on the certification the mothercompany. Our goal is to offer as many products as possible, which are certified either ASC or MSC. This allows to ensure the systainability and traceability of our products.

Fresh packed

Constantly our people are present during the production in various countries in the world, also to ensure the freshness and quality of our products. Our objective is to process and pack our products immediately after the catch, to ensure the freshness to the maximum possible.


Squid is rare, prices of Calamares under pressure

Squid is rare, prices of Calamares under pressure

The situation for Squid is under pressure for a couple of years worldwide. By huge catches in the previous years, is the availability sharply decreased and the countries which are fishing for squid take measures to have availability in the future.

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Availability of Octopus causes problems worldwide

Availability of Octopus causes problems worldwide

Since the last couple of months, the availability of Octopus is getting worse. Traditionally there are coming from African countries as Morocco and Mauritania the products of the best quality, enormously requested in Southern Europe as in Japan. At this time, there is a big shortage and a huge demand worldwide.

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About us

Based on our passion for fish and seafood and based on our long experience, we have founded Deli Seafood in 2013. Through our worldwide network of specialised and dedicated suppliers, we are looking for the best possible fishproducts for our customers on a daily base. From our office in Breda The Netherlands, our network of colleagues around the world are all specialised in their region and product range. By combining all these forces, we are always updated on the developments in the market and our people are present to investigate with their own eyes.

Total supplier

Besides our direct imports from all corners of the world, we have a vast network of specialized partners in Europe which allows us to find the best suitable solution for specific products. No matter if is concerns Shrimps from Spain or Flatfish from The Netherlands, at Deli Seafood we will find the right product for you.



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