Argentinian shrimps

In southern Europe the wild-caught shrimps are traditionally the best shrimps for typical dishes such as Gambas al Ajilo, Shrimps in Garlic. Since several years the popularity of Argentinian shrimps increases throughout Europe, especially now when the availability is correct and the prices are more attractive from many cultured alternatives.

This shrimp with typical structure and flavor is wildly-caught in Argentina and often frozen on board to guard the quality and freshness. Deli Seafood is co-operating with a partner in Spain who works with their own ships, causing raw material situation be monitored. After arriving in Spain, these shrimps are more often sold in its entirety (a shrimp including head and tail) . We also have the ability to process till peeled shrimps, so that it is easier to use in dishes.

Argentinian shrimps is certainly a great alternative for the cultured shrimps as Black Tiger and Vannamei from Asia.

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